Understanding the Foreclosure Process in VA and MD

When you understand the foreclosure process in your area, you can feel more prepared and less stressed about the future. Foreclosure doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Here’s how you can get through foreclosure and come out stronger on the other side. What Is Foreclosure? Foreclosure is the legal process in which … Continued

Buyers Lingo 101

Are you purchasing a home in Northern Virginia, Maryland, or the Washington, DC area? If it’s your first time buying a property, these terms and definitions will come in handy throughout the home buying process! And even if you’ve done it all before, we’re sure you can learn a thing or two about the buying … Continued

5 Benefits of Buying a Home in an HOA Community

Do you have a good perception of HOAs? Many people have a negative view of homeowners associations because there are monthly fees, rules, and restrictions when it comes to landscaping, remodeling, and more. However, there are also benefits to living in a neighborhood with a well-managed HOA. Here are some of the top benefits of … Continued

What to Do When You Inherit a Property

If your parents have recently passed away and you’ve inherited their real estate property, you have some big decisions ahead. These decisions are made even trickier if the property was left to you and your siblings. How can you come to a decision that works for everyone involved? Here are some helpful, basic tips for … Continued

How to find good investment property in the Washington, DC area

Lots of investors are looking to get started, and as active real estate experts in Washington DC/Maryland/Northern Virginia Metro Area MD, we get asked to share our secrets quite a bit. Fortunately, we love to share 🙂 One of the biggest questions we get from local investors is ” How to find good investment property in Washington … Continued

How To Diversify Your Portfolio With Real Estate Investing In MD

If there’s one piece of advice you’re guaranteed to hear from investing gurus, it’s this: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. And that is, indeed, sound advice – even though those gurus tend to call it “investment allocation” or “diversification.” The chief reason for this is so your basket won’t fall to the … Continued

Buyers Lingo 101 | Washington DC/Maryland/Northern Virginia Metro Area Real Estate | MarketPro Homebuyers

If you are considering buying a home in Washington DC/Maryland/Northern Virginia Metro Area, you need to understand the terminology being used. Check out our guide to buyers lingo, so you can feel like a pro… even if you’re a first-time buyer! Buyers Lingo 101 Abstract of Title – This will basically give you a full paper trail of the … Continued

Buying a House | Drawbacks and Benefits of an HOA in MD

HOA’s often get a bad rap. In reality, they can help to provide a wonderful environment to call home. There are many benefits and amenities the come along with living in a community with an HOA, however, it’s not the right living situation for everyone.  In our latest post, we will discuss the drawbacks and benefits of an … Continued

5 Overlooked IRS Tax Deductions for Investment Property in MD

Buying investment property has one specific intention: to make a profit. Of course, maximizing profits means limiting the amount of taxes you pay on revenues. While most property owners deduct the interest and repairs, most overlook other key legal deductions. Here are 5 overlooked IRS tax deductions for investment property in Washington DC/Maryland/Northern Virginia Metro … Continued

3 Smart Financing Strategies for an Investment Property in MD

Popular television shows make real estate investing seem easy with guaranteed profits. What these shows don’t show you are the behind-the-scenes tribulations that investors must go through in securing and rehabbing properties. If you are new to real estate investment property buying, use these three smart financing strategies for an investment property in MD to … Continued

Common Investment Property Mistakes Buyers Make in Washington DC/Maryland/Northern Virginia Metro Area

Many people are diversifying away from stock market investments to more tangible portfolio assets. Real estate investments are certainly the most common tangible asset investors start with. However, real estate is costly and thus high-risk if you don’t know what you are doing. Avoid these common investment property mistakes buyers make in Washington DC/Maryland/Northern Virginia … Continued

3 Advantages of Hard Money Lenders in MD

A hard money loan is often the best or only option for financing property where a property requires complete remodeling or the borrower has subpar credit. While these are often considered bridge loans to fill a financing gap, they often are for subprime rates, meaning you’ll pay more for the loan. 3 Advantages of Hard … Continued